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Upstream Without a Paddle

Our thoughts are creating our circumstances. And that's the topic I discuss with Dr. Garrett Goggans. Ever get stuck in those windmills of your mind? Tune in and put your feet up!


The Roller Coaster

Guest on this podcast where we discuss how to navigate the ups and downs, and twists and turns of life. So throw back your head, arms in the air and come along for the ride!

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Lift Your Story

These two authors get the story behind the person when they interview me. They want to talk about more than business. Well, bring it on!


The Witch Next Door

 Guest on podcast that invites listeners to live a more magical life through the use of practical every day magic. My added touch is Pleasure Seeking.

Conversations With
Mayi Lenz

Helping women lead unapologetically, Mayi invites me to discuss what power looks like and how to wield it like a Queen.

Rebel Love

Relationships are the most important things in our lives. I join the show to highlight how knowledge of our overbearing archetypes fare out in relationships and how to enjoy the ride working with the ins and outs of our respective needs.


Label Free

At Label Free, they want their listeners to feel inspired, uplifted, and courageous. On this show l discuss how we can break free from the labels that society puts on us and use archetypes to seamlessly be whoever we want. 

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The Social Psychic Radio Show

Jason Zuk has invited me on his radio show to talk about the politics of society and the society of politics.

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