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Finding Your Voice

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

We know those blank pages you hear writers talk about when they get stuck is commonly called writer’s block.

But what about your voice?

If you’re a professional speaker or simply someone whose activity brings them to address people in either a one-to-many setting, or in a more interactional setting that defines interviews, talk shows and the like, you can be sure that before going into the setting – at the very least – you will have jotted down a few notes, drawn a mind map, or doodled a bit on your topic.

One way or another, sound is emitted and a message of sorts is communicated.

But to truly have people in the palm of your hands when you speak, and when you write, your voice uniquely transforms to express your thoughts in a compelling way that almost always enchants.

The sound of silence ensues while listeners are enticed to process the content so aptly packaged to beguile.

Welcome to the world of magic.

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