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The psychic healing services I offer are for guidance and entertainment purposes only. They are not a substitute for professional medical, legal, or financial advice. By booking, you accept responsibility for actions based on readings and waive the reader's liability. For serious matters, please seek the advice of a qualified professional.

Professional Ethics

As a psychic reader, healer, and medium, I am committed to maintaining the highest level of professional ethics. I respect all clients, treating them with kindness, honesty, and confidentiality. My aim is to offer guidance and insight that can lead to positive growth and understanding. I do not exploit my clients' vulnerabilities or mislead them for personal gain. I believe in empowering individuals, not fostering dependency. I maintain transparency in my practices and always adhere to the principle of 'do no harm'. My readings are intended to inspire, uplift, and heal, but they should never replace professional advice in medical, financial, legal, or psychological matters. I am passionate about helping people live their best lives and strive to provide a safe space for individuals who wish to explore their spiritual journeys.

BEAM Clearing

Biofield Energy and Medical Clearing

BEAM Clearing, short for Biofield Energy and Medical Clearing, is an innovative healing approach that functions as a guiding light in your pursuit of optimal health.

As a medical intuitive, I act as a pilot navigating through the dark, scanning your body's organs and systems to pinpoint and address emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances that could be steering you off your healthy path.

BEAM Clearing operates much like a compass, honing in on the subtle energy fields surrounding the human form. It seeks out blockages and negative impacts and clears them away, realigning your trajectory towards wellness.

From entrenched emotional wounds to inherited patterns restricting your potential, BEAM Clearing finds these areas and illuminates them, setting the stage for healing and equilibrium. The ultimate goal of BEAM Clearing is to steer you towards holistic well-being that encompasses every facet of your life: body, mind, and spirit.

BEAM Clearing is valued at $550.

Past Life Regression

Do you ever wonder how the echoes of your past lives influence your soul's blueprint today?

How can understanding these karmic imprints empower us to lead better, more fulfilled lives?

Past Life Regression offers a key to this hidden treasure trove. Stored within the depths of our subconscious minds are memories from our past lives, waiting to be unearthed.

Through the power of hypnosis, Past Life Regression allows you to access this part of your mind - a realm that holds the answers to many of your personal queries.

Uncover your past, understand your present, and shape your future with greater clarity and purpose.

Each PLR session is valued at $480.

Soul Therapy

Discover the power of alignment with your true self at soul-level through our premium Soul Therapy service.

As we harmonize our thoughts with our soul's essence, we open ourselves up to receive profound insights and guidance from higher dimensional aspects of our being.

Each dimension has unique energetic qualities that influence all others, making our third-dimensional experiences critical to our spiritual evolution.

However, the density of our physical world often hinders the flow of these spiritual energies, necessitating clearing and realignment.

Soul Therapy works on an elevated level, focusing on clearing blocks and restrictions in the fifth-dimension.

This transformative process resonates throughout your entire being, influencing every other dimensional aspect of your existence.

This comprehensive, deep spiritual realignment service is valued at $900.

Experience the power of Soul Therapy and step into a life of greater clarity, purpose, and spiritual alignment.

Property & Business Premises Clearing

Whatever your beliefs on spirituality, entities such as ghosts, poltergeists, discarnate spirits, lost Souls, etc., that these phenomena exist is a given. They affect people, their homes, businesses and the surrounding property. The associated energy can be devastating, enough to create hair-raising experiences.

We get to the energetic root of these phenomena to understand what set off the different forms and degrees of possession and they are cleared. This research, analysis and clearing of negative entities is carried out through energy work, and at a distance, if need be.

Clearing Property Premises is valued at $580.

Spirit Guide Scan

Spirit Guide Team Reading

Establishing the members of your Spirit Guide Team during this incarnation and their individual roles is the objective of this reading. These Guides are here to aid us along our spiritual development in fulfilling our life’s purpose but also to inspire our creativity and protect us by offering guidance. We discuss the nature of your guides and what channels they use to contact you directly and we channel them directly during the session. You will receive a full written report on this.

The research and reading is valued at $520.

White Witchcraft

Contrasting Negative Energy

Some of the healers and diviners historically accused of witchcraft have considered themselves mediators between the mundane and spiritual worlds.

A fundamental part of White Witchcraft concerns operating against negative entities or evil spirits, "vampires", or Black Witches in order to restore equilibrium, heal from negative influences, or to regain fertility and prosperity. 

The research and clearing is valued at $400.

Channeling - Mediumship

Psychic Mediumship

This session involves a cooperating effort between myself as the medium (and channel) and a person in Spirit (the communicator). This is one of the most exciting services I have the privilege of offering. It is so touching and heart-warming when messages are directed to you from important people who have passed.
It is an honor for me to channel for you and to be your medium in this unique experience.
This session lasts 45 min. and is valued at $300.

Card Readings

45 min. 60 min. & 90 min. Readings

This reading session makes it possible to begin with a general spread in answer to you specific question, in order to view upcoming or ongoing trends, then delve further into particular areas of interest to clarify messages in more detail. Generally three/four different decks are used: a selected Tarot, an Oracle, Neapolitan playing cards and a Fine Arts postcard collection. I also cast Runes in the Nordic tradition.

These readings are valued at $250, $300 & $400 respectively.

Archetypes Readings

For individuals, Couples & Groups 

I have developed a unique method to reinterpret Carl Jung's early work on archetypes for the purpose of enhancing personal discovery and relationships. Primarily, these readings are designed to improve our self-understanding and the way we engage with others. They provide strategies on how to evade potential challenges that may arise in relation to the specific archetype you are projecting to the world at any given point in time. These readings are valued at $250 & $400, for individuals and couples respectively.

Chakra Control Session

We direct energy in our lives through our choices and, if not integrated, chakra imbalances occur. These can be found in your physical body but also in your emotional and mental energy bodies. Imbalances typically manifest by over- or under-activity at the level of individual chakras, where there is either too little or too much energy in the system. First this session examines any damage to your Golden Web - an energetic membrane surrounding your energy body - at the level of each chakra. Then we assess the chakra imbalance in terms of percentages and re-establish chakra balance.

This Chakra Control Session is suggested on a regular basis, typically every 6 months, or when needed.

This research and session is valued at $250.

Relationships with Others & with Yourself

Working with partnerships is always a delicate matter in this tango that is life. Through a partnership protocol we get to the energetic root of your relationships, be it a romantic or business partnership, family members or friends.​

An account is made of your respective energy centers, which offer a gateway to understanding how to explore your gifts for the benefit of your relationship.

Individual Soul Groups, as well as Soul Specializations, further clarify delicate areas where both parties contribute to the development of your partnership.

A comprehensive study is conducted on the shared history of both parties.

This powerful therapeutic tool, this work - if desired - also entails follow-up, ongoing sessions that work toward dealing with the new relational context, one free of all negative bonds, blocks and restrictions.

Contact me for more information.

It’s expensive. It’s worth it.

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