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In the dynamic world of voice coaching, the Feldenkrais Method® is making a remarkable impact. This holistic approach, conceived in the 1950s, empowers performers to elevate their abilities through heightened self-awareness. As an adept practitioner, I've seamlessly woven this method into my vocal training curriculum.


Our voices are not just auditory reflections of ourselves, but they also symbolize our engagement with our environment and society at large. They serve as instruments for asserting our presence and channelling our creativity. Drawing inspiration from the Feldenkrais Method, my lessons aim to amplify the organic processes that shape our vocal expressions.


I invite you to participate in our enriching Voice Lessons, supplemented by invigorating breathwork sessions. These classes aim to enhance your verbal communication skills and spiritual experiences by guiding you through sequences designed to reform habits causing tension. The result is efficient voice use that aligns your mind, body, spirit, and interaction with your surroundings.


Whether you're a professional speaker, singer, or anyone passionate about using their voice but experiencing emotional strain, these classes are tailored for you.


Don't delay—Book Your Free Lesson Today and witness the transformation in real time.

Step into the world of vocal mastery with the 'Voice Lessons' page on my website. The featured image is a sleek, professional microphone, symbolizing the power of voice and communication. It stands as an invitation for you to amplify your unique sound and let your voice resonate. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced singer, this image signifies the beginning of your journey towards vocal excellence.
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If you've already had a free lesson, and would like to continue,
you can order a package of 4 lessons here.

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