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Delve into the mystical world of Claudia Monacelli's upcoming book, 'Stories from the Desk of a Soul Therapist.' This captivating collection offers profound insights into the realm of soul therapy, inviting readers to explore their inner depths. A journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth awaits. Dive in and uncover the wisdom that lies within. #ClaudiaMonacelli #SoulTherapy #UpcomingBook

The Secrets We Breathe:
Soul Archetypes


The Changing Role of the Interpreter


Addressing Methodological Challenges




Messaggi in Codice
[Messages in Code]


si diventa!
[Becoming an Interpreter]


Captured above a list of Claudia Monacelli's recent 2023 publications, this vintage typewriter symbolizes the timeless art of storytelling. Each key press echoes the tales she has brought to life, the characters she has crafted, and the worlds she has conjured. As we look upon this old stalwart of the literary world, we are reminded of the enduring power of words and the magic that lies within each page of Monacelli's works. #ClaudiaMonacelli #VintageTypewriter #RecentPublications

Recent Academic Papers

  • (2023a) Cross-Cultural Soul Therapy Through a Sociolinguistic Lens, International Journal of Language, Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, 2(4), 35-40.

  • (2023b) Language, Emotion, and Healing in Soul Therapy, International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 10(4), 50-57.

  • (2023c) Occult Beliefs and Media Influence. International Journal of Novel Research in Interdisciplinary Studies, 10(4), 22-27.

  • (2023d) Occult Terminology and Power Dynamics: Examining the Influence of Language on Power Relations, International Journal of Business and Applied Social Science, 2(4), 73-80.

  • (2023e) Therapist-Client Interactions: A Sociolinguistic Perspective, International Journal of Novel Research in Healthcare and Nursing, 10(2), 192-197.

  • (2023f) Sociolinguistics and the Supernatural: Deciphering the Discourse of the Occult, Journal of Applied Language Studies, 28(9), Series 2 (September, 2023) 50-54..

  • (2023g) Examining the Influence of Popular Media on Perceptions of the Occult, International Journal of Research Publications, 133(1), 1-7.

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