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Discover a vibrant snapshot of diversity on the 'What They Say' page of my website. This engaging image features individuals from all races, embodying a rich tapestry of global unity. Each face tells a unique story, reflecting an array of experiences and perspectives. This picture beautifully encapsulates the essence of our shared human experience, transcending geographical, cultural, and racial boundaries.
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What They Say

I Would Highly Recommend Receiving a Reading From Her

Claudia provided me with several different readings in regards to myself and a few others. With her amazing gift she was able to help me move forward and realize someone wasn't a good choice for me. She also helped me to verify a few things that I did know. She has helped me to move forward in regards to a career and even took the time to give a reference. As she was doing my reading, she was easily able to recognize that there was an earth bound spirit who needed to move on and helped him do so. She has so many wonderful gifts and I appreciate her taking the time to share them with me. She has such a loving approach. She's very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend receiving a reading from her.

With so much love and appreciation,



I just wanted to thank you for bringing back the monthly readings. Your clear verbiage explaining your readings is exemplary. So refreshing to listen to your enunciation and keeping the message straight and on point. Many blessings to you.


I Have Learned to "Let GO"

Claudia Monacelli has helped me balance and center in my life. I highly recommend this to anyone dealing with past trauma this life or a past life. I have learned to "Let Go" and move on from situations that do not serve my soul. I have also learned how to open up and love again and not be so guarded. Claudia God Bless you for taking time to work with me and help me become me again, you have made my soul sing again! Namaste dear Friend!

P. A.

Clear, calm and straightforward

Hi all. I have read with lots of Tarot readers, but never have I been so satisfied. I have made a friend. Christelle was heart warming, made me understand where my reasoning was faulty. I was able to patch up a relationship where I thought I had lost my woman. Thank you, sincerely. I have read with her several times and used her other services, and I will again. Any service she offers - and I have tried many of her services. T. J. 

I highly recommend her

I gladly contacted Christelle hence I resonated with her readings from the first video! She has a special gift in channeling the information and a such wise way to convey the messages! This obviously comes from a person that to my regard has to be empathetic, prepared and tried heavily by life experiences. My personal reading with her has been pleasantly interactive, enlightening, helpful since I was dwelling with an uncertain situation. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a very well prepared tarot reader from a spiritual point of view as well as interpersonal.

Laura T. S. 

Thank you for your guidance

I am probably one of Claudia's oldest subscribers, since October 2014. She has read for me several times initially, then I regularly check in with her for guidance. Her gift has served me well in many respects, it has saved me from making quite a number of mistakes and has helped me open up my heart. I have to thank her for this. And what is more, she is lively and a positive person. Thank you, Claudia!

C. Chanel

I highly recommend

I would highly recommend Christelle for a Soul Realignment! She helped remove attachments and now I feel free from them. I feel like a new person!

P.S - she's also an awesome card reader!

G. M.

After my Soul Therapy experience

Dr. Monacelli did an amazing job accessing my Akashic records for soul realignment. The timeline that was given revealed many recurring patterns and themes that I am still grappling with. I realize that I was operating from fear and insecurity which led to a chain of unhealthy behaviours that adversely affected the trajectory of my life. I was also able to see how all the pieces fit in the web of my life and saw how these recurring issues affected me as an adult. All these deeply entrenched and repressed issues are surfacing to be dealt with, I’m sure but having then emerge into the light was a mind blowing revelation and gave me more clarity about the changes that are required right now as well and how they will impact my future. This was the most eye opening experience for me and I will move forward with self love and clarity and make decisions that are good for ME without having to justify or cater to other’s opinions of my self worth.

Having gone through this I would recommend soul realignment with Claudia Monacelli to anyone. While the process is uncomfortable and will expose many repressed memories, it is helpful in capturing the overarching themes of a series of habits conditioning your life choices which everyone needs to examine in their own lives.

L. H. 

Soul Therapy - My Experience

Claudia Monacelli performed soul therapy soul clearing on me and from the get go I felt significant fundamental changes occur. Everything she described I felt occur in my energy field on a very deep level. I even went into an alpha state and envisioned my guides changing, from negative guides I had because of decisions I had made, to positive guides. They were dressed in suits and shook hands with her. It was so remarkable to feel the changes instantaneously. She is a beautiful, gifted soul and worth every penny. Few really know how deep and entangled things can be. I sincerely recommend her services and wish her the very best in the future.


Healing Upfront With Soul Therapy

If you are reading this review to get a feel for Christelle Martinette and the quality of her services, then please let this review be a guiding light for you. I started to see Christelle for private Tarot readings and soon learned "much" about her distinct style. You see, I have been to several different highly regarded spiritual and psychic healers in the area and have come to know a bit about the strengths and weaknesses of each. During my experiences with other psychic advisors, I found that they tend to "dance" around the dark aspects and keep it "light". . . That is nice some of the time but when you really need help, you need someone to really tell you the dark information to help you heal and become WHOLE. Christelle is that woman! I was shocked at the depth and content of the messages she was telling me initially. However, over time and with more perspective, I am eternally grateful for her services and telling me what I needed to know for healing ‘upfront’ and how she got right ‘to the point.’ Facing yourself is not easy and can be a difficult experience for us... Christelle helps you do it in a way that keeps your true self intact while expelling your illusions with ‘attitude.’ Highly Recommended.

Giuseppe G.

Clear insights

Dr. Monacelli has provided me, on more than one occasion, with phenomenally clear insights. The information provided not only guides and aligns, but also facilitates and supports healing. Dr. Monacelli's intuitive gifts, collect subtleties, which when brought into the light, allowed me (and continues to allow me) to shift all but subtle energies and patterns. If I have to award stars, it will exceed the suggested five. Dr. Monacelli's accuracy and clarity are accompanied by incredible professionalism. Therefore, in speaking with her and in her reading me, I never felt vulnerable, regardless of how sensitive the issues are that I am in the process of healing.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

C. V.

Very pleasant experience

I was leery to contact Claudia and, frankly, sort of embarrassed. I have a situation that dates back a few years. She was very easy to communicate with, offered really pertinent questions and overall I wanted to stay talking to her still another half hour!! Do it….if you have ever wanted a reading from a card reader, she will surprise you with the precision of details. Go for it. Great Claudia, I will contact you next week, thanks for your help,


Heart warming

Hi all I have read with lots of Tarot readers, but never have I been so satisfied. I have made a friend. Christelle was heart warming, made me understand where my reasoning was faulty. I was able to patch up a relationship where I thought I had lost my man. Thank You Thank You Thank You. I have read with her 3 times and will again.

S. Stevens

In depth Reading Of My Akashic Records

Dr. Monacelli is an excellent healer and did an in depth reading of my Akashic records for soul realignment. The information that was revealed gave me an insight into all the various events that have been occurring in my life. She was amazing with her references and was able to help me understand the larger picture. This is an amazing medium if you wish to grow as a person. I would recommend a reading from her to anyone who asked of me.

Shivani K.

Highly accurate, very eye-opening

I just had my session with Christelle...Highly accurate and very eye opening. Has given me insight into my past and also a road map into my future. I would recommend an SR reading from Christelle to anyone who inquired of me....if you are seeking answers for yourself and haven't been able to find the answers, this is most definitely, the correct avenue. Thank you Christelle for all your and with your awesome Tarot/Scrying readings! 

T. B.

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